what we do
what we do


Fútbol Más Foundation goes to the very heart of the neighbourhoods and uses their sporting spaces to carry out interventions and help build community cohesion. Socio-sports workshops are held on the pitch, but teamwork and community cohesion are built all around it. While the children enjoy playing, neighbourhood leaders are being trained, as they will later become role models for children. Through the Neighbourhood Coordination and Family Football Committees, adults are encouraged to take an active role within the community.

In an engaged and committed community, safe public spaces are created for children’s development.


Our ‘Schools’ Programme promotes the development of socio-emotional skills in children, strengthening their school environment through play and sport. Teaching teams receive training in the implementation of the Fútbol Más methodology, so that they can apply it in their daily work. Meanwhile, families are encouraged to participate in the activities in order to strengthen their commitment to their school. This is all done through socio-sports sessions and inter-school linking activities.


As Fútbol Más Foundation, we seek to strengthen the positive bonds and links with the environment in children and youngsters living in homes and temporary shelters.

With socio-sports sessions as the main tool to generate spaces for participation, the ‘Residences’ Programme focuses on encouraging the community integration of children and youth with their environment, through artistic, cultural, educational and inclusion activities.

At the same time, training for caregivers provides opportunities for reflection and self-care, which helps to facilitate sport for development.


When disasters strike, Fútbol Más activates its ‘Emergency’ protocols and through humanitarian aid programmes, we seek to support and restore happiness to children and young people affected by natural disasters. Floods, fires, earthquakes or typhoons. In all cases, Fútbol Más Foundation is at the service of affected populations. Through socio-sports workshops and community activities, we seek to provide support, emotional containment and moments of distraction for children and communities in periods of post-traumatic stress. Some examples can be seen in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and now also in Mozambique.


We seek to restore the violated rights of children and young people affected by various humanitarian crises and mass migration processes. Whenever adaptation is needed, we try to generate spaces for inclusion in communities, shelters and schools through socio-sports sessions. In this context, community festivals help to generate inclusion in the public space and promote the exchange of cultures and traditions of each ethnic group. Furthermore, we work with the training of tutors, so that they can become ambassadors of the programme within the communities themselves, promoting a culture of care and respect for children and young people and their families.


This training programme involves, trains and supports young leaders and adults who are directly involved with children in their work. Through virtual or face-to-face meetings, as well as the use of micro-learning tools and remote support, participants learn the concept of Resilience applied to sport and the socio-sport methodology implemented by Fútbol Más. This experience is then adapted and applied in different contexts, such as schools, shelters, residences or sports clubs.


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