Results Perception of Change Study - Communities of Antofagasta

This research is a diagnosis of Fútbol Más participants in four neighborhoods of Antofagasta: Coloso, Corvallis, Arenales and Vista Hermosa. The main reason is to know the changes that have experienced these neighborhoods since Fútbol Más began their intervention in them, at individual, family and community level.
In order to respond to this objective, a qualitative study was conducted based on the focus group and interviews, in which the beneficiaries gave an idea of the impact of the program on their realities.

Results Fútbol Más Young Leader Study 2016

Since 2015, FME and Fútbol Más have been working with youth leaders from the Antofagasta region, with the focus on developing agents of change for the neighborhoods and promoting social youth participation in the area. This study explores the ways in which the young leaders of Fútbol Más are socially involved, investigate motivations, senses and repertoires of participation, as well as the influence that the program has in that process.

Results Resilience Research in the context of post-emergence - Atacama 2015

Fútbol Mais launched a plan of post-emergence in different neighborhoods in Atacama after the flood in March of 2015, which left thousands of victims in the area. It consisted of generating physical spaces of recreation for children and adolescents in emergency zones with the aim of promoting the development of the expression, understanding and resignification of the experience.

This study deepens and revises the effect of this program by investigating how children can develop certain resilience factors, highlighting the importance of the recovery of public spaces and the reconstruction of community ties.