Our mission is based on developing processes of resilience in children and their environment, working with this approach has led us to value the positive in various communities and people.”

Even more, we believe it is relevant to be an active agent in emergency situations or post-catastrophe. Being promoters of a happy childhood, we want to re-mean negative experiences through games, relationships and football.

Protected spaces for children are developed in contexts of catastrophes that foster and guarantee their rights, through the promotion of protective factors of resilience in children, adolescents and their families.

Main Objective

  • Creation of a physical space of interaction, containment and recreation for children and adolescents in emergency zones.

Specific Objectives

  • Generate participation modules for children, that promote expression and understanding of the emergency.

  • Promote internal networks within the emergency zone to strengthen the process of recovery and support to children in the face of an emergency.

  • Establish informational points regarding the manifestations and care of the children in emergency zones.

  • Set activation points for the “green card” as a symbol of promoting post-emergency recovery.

In which emergency situations, have we worked?

Atacama 2015 -2016. Chile

After the storm that affected the Atacama Region in Chile, Fútbol Más developed a model of intervention under an emergency context in 11 vulnerable communities in the area. Spaces were created to develop skills for resilience, containment and expression of emotions in their communities.

Manabí 2016-2017. Ecuador

After the earthquake that struck Ecuador, in July 2016, Fundación Fútbol Más began to apply its model of work in emergency zones, carrying out workshops for children and adolescents between 6 and 15 years of age. All of them were displaced to shelters in Manta, Portoviejo and Jaramijó. The objective was using sport as a tool, to create spaces for containment and expression of emotions after the catastrophe.

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