The Green Card Consultancy seeks to multiply the impact that Fútbol Más develops in the neighborhoods and other contexts or organizations of our society such as universities, municipalities, schools and sports clubs.

We believe that people and organizations can develop their potential and realize their dreams. To generate a transformation towards the positive, we have the conviction that a formative education, that is committed to the local culture, brings welfare to the people and can increase opportunities.

From this conviction emerges the Green Card Consultancy, which seeks to multiply the impact that Fútbol Más develops in the neighborhoods, and other contexts or organizations of our society.

For 10 years, the foundation has gained experience in methodologies of “Sport for development” and participatory work with communities, impacting on the learning of life skills and in positive coexistence. Making the difference from 3 fundamental pillars:

Education, Sport, Community

This knowledge today is put at the service of new projects that seek to innovate and strengthen its methodologies.

Fields of action of the consultancy:

1. Assessments in methodologies for the development of attitudinal competencies.
2. Training of trainers in pedagogical innovation and development of life skills.
3. Co-design of instruments for monitoring and evaluation of social programs.
4. Transfer of the model “Fútbol Más Neighborhoods” and management of organizational change.
5. Strengthening of organizational climate and school coexistence.

Potential customers:

Companies, schools, municipalities, universities, foundations, NGOs and study centers.

Current consultancy project:

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Sports Management
“Advice on social innovation for the strengthening of attitudinal competencies in sports students”.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. English UC Language Center

“Training teachers to strengthen life skills in students of technical High Schools”.

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