In our first year on the African continent, Fútbol Más Kenya reached up to 400 children in Mathare and Kibera, some of the biggest informal settlements on the continent. We found out getting a Green Card in Lima, Port-au-Prince, Atacama or Nairobi has the same powerful effect: a smile.

The Fútbol Más Kenya team is 5 professionals strong. They carry out the social football programmes on the fields of Laini Saba in Kibera and Austin Grounds in Mathare. As of January 2018 approximately 650 girls, boys and adolescents from these communities participate in Fútbol Más.

The dream of Fútbol Más in Africa began in October 2016 thanks to a partnership with the EducÁfrica Foundation and the support of Fondo Chile. In the framework of this project we started out working with two schools located in the informal settlements of Mathare and Kibera in the city of Nairobi, Kenya.

The project also aims to support the teaching methods of Saint Martin´s School in Kibera and Destiny School and Valley View in Mathare, so that teachers can use new practices to achieve their academic objectives.

Fútbol Más core experience is Fútbol Más Community, where we insert the programme in the heart of the community, using a community field to transform realities starting from the field promoting the development of resilience in children and adolescents in disadvantaged communities.

Fútbol Más Stadium is an effort to contribute to transforming stadiums and the football industry in general into places and organizations that inspire and educate the general public interested in football.

Additionally Fútbol Más has build its experience working in emergency contexts as Fútbol Más Emergency. Therefore we adapted our curriculum and intervention model to create safe spaces for children to recuperate their normal lives during and after an emergency focusing on psychosocial rehabilitation.

Recently Fútbol Más developed its consultancy arm under the name “Tarjeta Verde” through which we develop and propose new social and pedagogic methodologies in different sports and formative environments to educate, based on our experience and methodology.

And lastly in Fútbol Más Schools we integrate the different stakeholders in a school community transferring elements of our methodology to improve positively the school environment both in and around the school. Actually, we are working with 4 partner schools where the methodology of the foundation is being proved.

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Seppe Verbist

Executive Director/ Director Ejecutivo Kenia

Elijah  Mwandikwa Wambua

Community Coach Kibera

Eunice Njeri

Community Coordinator

Samuel Musembi

Social Coordinator / Coordinador Social

Austin Ajowi

Community Coach Mathare / Entrenador Comunidad Mathare



Adress/Dirección: Austin Grounds
Reference/Referencia: east community Nairobi/ comunidad al este de Nairobi
Year of establishment/Año inicio de intervención: 2017


Adress/Dirección: Laini Saba
Reference/Referencia: South-west community of Nairobi/ Comunidad del sur-oeste de Nairobi
Year of establishment/ Año de intervención: 2017

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