Fútbol Más started in 2008 with the aim of promoting resilience and happiness in children and adolescents living in contexts of social vulnerability. It is implemented in the heart of the neighborhoods, working with two main actors: children and their communities.

On the one hand, the program aims to strengthen the resources in children by using football as a tool to develop skills that can be used in all areas of life and, above all, bring happiness. In Fútbol Más we believe that valuing the positive, will transform reality.

On the other hand, we seek that the communities get to know each other, connect and fill public spaces with life. We are sure that relationships are the key pillar of society.

Currently, the foundation is working in seven regions of Chile and additionally has a presence in Peru, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Paraguay and Kenya with a total of 5,000 children in more than 70 neighborhoods.


Promote the well-being of children and young people, strengthening resilience processes, significant links and community cohesion through play and sports..


Community, happiness and inspiration..



Joy is one of the basic emotions of the human being and proofs of a fresh and luminous interior state and generates general well-being, high levels of energy and a powerful disposition to constructive action.


In Fútbol Más, responsibility is understood as the capacity of each human being to make decisions based on a free personal reflection, seeking the common good and his own.

This translates into respect for schedules, assistance and the materials used; In ensuring that there is a behavior and discipline according to the requirements of the activities, and in inviting everyone to take responsibility for the care of their body.


It refers to the series of strategies, procedures and methodologies used by a human group to achieve the proposed goals.

Working together involves complementing the abilities and responsibilities of all members to achieve a common goal, and involves working towards the team´s achievement instead of the individual achievements.


It is the basis of all coexistence and is based on the recognition of the individual as a unique and valuable entity, which implies that girls and boys are able to recognize and value their parents, monitors and loved ones. Also, learn to listen to the opinions of others and tolerate differences.


Creativity is pure creation, without fixed ideas, vulnerable, open and empty.

In Fútbol Más we believe that in the face of adverse situations, disorder and chaos, creativity is the ability to give order, beauty and sense to the difficult.