Fútbol Más Stadiums seeks to contribute to the progressive transformation of the stadiums into places of encounter, inspiration and influence for society.

Fútbol Más Stadiums has developed two massive initiatives. The first of these was the campaign “America Nos Une”, in cooperation with Unicef Chile, which reached hundreds of thousands during the Copa América Chile 2015. The second is the campaign Lo Lindo del Fútbol, which has highlighted the positive attitudes of this sport to contribute to the transformation of football, as an inspiring source for society and especially for children.


“América Nos Une” – Copa América Chile 2015

In each match of the Chilean National Team in the tournament, the supporters raised the Green Card for a sign of respect during the national anthems of the visiting countries.



Lo Lindo del Fútbol

This campaign started through a collaboration of the National Professional Football Association of Chile (ANFP), the football channel CDF, the Union of Professional Footballers of Chile (SIFUP) and Fútbol Más. Its main tool is the Circle of Honor, a symbolic experience which was already executed for 8 years in the workshops of Fútbol Más. Now it is part of the official protocol in youth football, present in women´s football and all clubs of the First Division of Chile have performed it at least once.

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